Welcome to ATVN-EU-GP

[31.12.2006] The end of the ATVN-EU-GP project
ATVN-EU-GP project has been finished on 31st of December 2006.
[04.10.2006] Virtual Archive
The Virtual Archive of The Best of Good Practice Projects is available.
[16.08.2006] Brokerage
The brokerage event of the ATVN-EU-GP project will be held on on the 20th of October 2006.
[23.06.2006] Extension of the project duration
The project has been extended until 31st of December 2006
[04.05.2006] IMCL 2006
Krystyna Rudowska has presented the paper "How to prepare and produce the programmes with "content format" for mobile learning" at Jordan on International Mobile and Computer Aided Learning conference IMCL (17-21.04.2006). [files to download]
[02.12.2005] Open Contest
The winners of the open contest "THE BEST" has been announced during the Award Ceremony at ATVN-EU-GP Conference.
[04.11.2005] Open Contest
The list of "Best Practice Projects" selected for exhibition at the ATVN-EU-GP Conference (for second step of the Open Contest) has been published.
[24.10.2005] Workshop
Workshop on "Content Format" for the ATVN-EU-GP project, 11 November 2005. [more information]
[28.09.2005] Open Contest
The deadline for submission of projects has been extended to 7th October 2005.
[25.08.2005] Open Contest
Open submissions of projects to "Best Practice Projects" contest.
[19.08.2005] ATVN-EU-GP Conference
Notification of acceptance of the papers to be presented at the ATVN-EU-GP Conference.
[31.07.2005] ATVN-EU-GP Conference
Call for papers to be presented at the ATVN-EU-GP Conference has been closed.
[14.05.2005] ATVN-EU-GP web site ver. 1.1
The version 1.1 of the ATVN-EU-GP web site has been issued.
[05.05.2005] Statistics
The preliminary statistics on the NMS and ACC participation in the FP5 and FP6 have been prepared by Krzysztof Trojanowski. The files are available for Partners in the internal area.
[27.04.2005] The contract
The contract has been signed by an authorized representative of European Commission.
[11.04.2005] Kick-off meeting presentations
The kick-off meeting presentations are available to download.
[30.03.2005] Kick-off meeting in Prague
The kick-off meeting of ATVN-EU-GP project will be organized in Prague on 8th of April 2005. The meeting will be hosted by Centre for Administration and Operations, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. [more]
[30.03.2005] ATVN-EU-GP web site
The first version of the ATVN-EU-GP web site has been issued.